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We know that when it comes to your home and family, you want a water heater installation that will last. That’s why we only use top-of-the-line products, rely on expert technicians, and offer warranties on all our work.

Get a Thorough Water Heater Installation in Pleasant Valley, MO

A water heater is one of those appliances you don’t think about until it breaks and you’re forced to find a quick replacement. But the right water heater can make your life easier, so it’s worth working with a professional that’s a master in their craft. Poelma Plumbing & Construction is that professional. We’re water heater installation experts that serve clients in and near Pleasant Valley, MO. With over 25 years of experience in the field, you can be confident that we’ll get the job done right. Contact us today to walk through all available options!


We’re the Local Choice for Tankless Water Heater Installations

You’ve got many options for water heaters. We’re here to help you make the best choice possible. Whether you’re looking for an electric heater or a gas-powered one, we can help you find the right fit for your space and budget. We also offer tankless hot-water systems which can be installed in place of traditional tank-style units!

Join Forces With Our Skilled Water Heater Plumbers

Are you tired of being cold in the winter and hot in the summer? Then it’s time to get a new water heater. Poelma Plumbing & Construction offers water heater installation services and can help you choose the right one for your property in or near Pleasant Valley, MO. We’ll ensure that your new water heater is installed to maximize efficiency so you can start saving money on your energy bills immediately.

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If you’re worried about how much this installation might cost you, we can set up an initial consultation to address your concerns. Rest assured, you’ll get the most out of our services!